Chris Marker — Coréennes

Chris Marker accepted an invitation to visit North Korea in 1957 along with a delegation of French journalists and intellectuals including Claude Lanzmann, Armand Gatti, and Jean-Claude Bonnardot. During their stay, Gatti and Bonnardot, made the feature film, the first and only North Korean-French co-production, Moranbong.

Love these images that Chris Marker took of life in the DPRK.


Laura Aguilar

Stillness  #26, 1999

Stillness #26, 1999

Visiting my local community college art gallery in East LA and seeing Laura Aguilar's work as a teenager made such an impression on me. I remember feeling in complete awe. Her photos were so graceful and calming, but also overwhelmingly emotional. The use of her body felt like an enormous gesture of love for her community. That openness was so beautiful to me and I love her for creating these photos.

Laura passed away last night at 58. I want to share her images and hope more people get to see her work.

More about Laura here:

Stillness  #27, 1999

Stillness #27, 1999

Stillness  #25, 1999

Stillness #25, 1999

Motion  #56, 1999

Motion #56, 1999

Grounded , 2006

Grounded, 2006

Grounded , 2006

Grounded, 2006

Grounded  #112, 2006

Grounded #112, 2006

Grounded  #106, 1992

Grounded #106, 1992